Why it is so difficult to locate a decent man to date?

I’m 36 yr old, feminine. Well educated/travelled/dressed. Fit and appealing. Operate in technology == economically stable. Own my destination.

This isn’t only me personally, all my solitary girlfriends have the same challenge/complaints. Individuals say the Silicon Valley is filled with dudes, yet not a great deal in my opinion. 1/5 are super nerdy and don’t understand emotions that are human. 1/5 don’t want young ones. I make and I’m not very comfortable with that (I gave up the hope for equal-income partner long time ago 1/5 I don’t find attractive, 1/5 make less than 50% of what. Provided we have actually typical tech salary, 50% means he has to hold a great task). The remainder 1/5 feel they’ve been too great for me personally.

(Well these parts overlap and so the mathematics does not work, but really you’ve got the concept)

Any some ideas the thing I can perform? I would personally appreciate guys’ viewpoint. Thanks!

Some back ground, I’m an immigrant, which means that it took me personally great deal of the time and effort to secure into the Silicon Valley. It took me personally after some duration to learn the norms that are dating. Nevertheless learning everyday =)



You’re much too old to have a good guy for the https://datingmentor.org/benaughty-review/ longterm relationship. You will either attract losers that are thirsty divorced dads inside their 50s.

Dudes your actual age that are desirable are settling straight straight down with very very early 20 somethings (the minority which have their shit together) in place of wasting their time courting an individual who is both infertile and has now a high viewpoint of on their own.

I might never date a female inside her thirties unless i did not down want to settle and now have children. And I also state this as a man whom did a long haul relationship with a lady in her own thirties before ultimately realizing the mistake of my methods.

Ladies date and marry up (with regards to status). Guys marry childbearing and youth potential. a appealing girl with fortune who is making childbearing age is going to have an extremely difficult time matching with many guys-either they have been too low status or they could fare better, with a massive space in the centre when it comes to dudes being both too low status and will fare better.

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You can easily thank the MeToo that is# and feminists for several of this.

a decade ago, dudes will be speaking with you into the roads, or in a bar.Lately many people are afraid getting labelled with #MeToo therefore we stay static in the internet scene that is dating things are completely shallow and numb.

It appears more tough to fulfill lineage individuals in real world. Something else the feminists fucked up for all of us

“No, it really is YOU whom made a decision to willfully ignore the thing I stated & designed because it didn’t fit yours.”

Are you currently attempting drag most of us into a school argument that is elementary?

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“No, its YOU whom made a decision to willfully ignore the things I stated & suggested since it didn’t fit yours.”

Oh god. This will be glorious.????

This is certainly planning to seem like another angry-nerd-male-rejected post but you require to lessen your standards while focusing less on TC and merely become more flexible general.

Publishing this is certainly merely what you are likely to suffer from. Up to a couple of years you would have auto-rejected me ago I made less than 60k and was more flexible on dating and. Now that we make significantly more than that and very own multiple homes having a web worth of a few mil I’m able to manage to become more particular and I also’d choose dating females under 30. I do not have trouble with ladies over 30 but my criteria are greater, purchasing a location is not enough, she’s to places that are multiple has a small business regarding the side or some other quality which makes up on her age. I could now manage to simply head to another the main nation or any other nation up to now in the place of cope with ladies with psychological luggage from dating in tech bro land (sorry, simply unfortunate truth).

My point is you need to comprehend your market value in accordance with what you’re in search of. Then you need to understand what makes you stand out from other women if you’re looking for that “everything” guy (so is every women in tech bro land. Regrettably for ladies, market value decreases dramatically while you approach 40 as you progress through your 30s with a significant decline. It really is less therefore with males because well. A lot of females search for high TC/net worth (if they admit it or perhaps not) as well as for many men TC increases as we grow older and an ever-increasing TC accocunts for for age and their market value doesn’t decrebecausee just as much as a result of age.